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NAME Bethany Ainge
AGE 28
ROLES Enthusiastic singer and creative influence


Bethany can belt out songs like 'It's Raining Men', with the best of 'em. She has an excellent musical ear and has perfect pitch. As young as 5 years old, she could hit notes and hold them like a professional (in fact, an ability some professionals would envy). And she has some groovy dance moves too. Bethany has all the attributes and abilities that could easily make her the biggest star in the Ainge family. She is the little girl on our first album 'Legacy'. Her vocal will be featured on a later album with a track which has already been written. It'll be worth waiting for. Meanwhile, she speaks for whales. On the 'Empowered' album, the track 'Calling' features her voice. She took direcion very well, and as a result she hopes no more whales will be purposely killed by mankind.