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geri from usa at 12/03/18 06:59

hi guys i am new here and need to know what i can post here? i have been searching blogs on different things and went through They have all subject related blogs and articles. I am a excellent animator just have a look

Jake from Blackpool at 04/10/10 09:32

I love bethany's picture how old was she there??, I love beth's voice she has something very special! I wish she would share her talent with the world so everyone could hear the,is angel sing.
iloveyou Bethany <3 xx

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Laura-Jayne from Manchester at 04/10/10 09:26

Beth defo has talent. She has an amzaing singing voice, and she is a very close friend of mine. I love her to bits and wish that everyone around the world could hear her voice. xx

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Savannah from Blackpool, Uk at 13/08/10 19:48

This is all AMAZING !!
You all have done so well
Bethany is a close friend of mine and i know how much she loves singing and shes really good at it. Xx

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Mandy from Blackpool at 13/08/10 19:47

Shes a great singer she is one of my mates she is brill she can hit every note x

Mr Snakes from Wiltshire at 10/01/10 16:08

Load of crap

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Scoobie from Blackpool at 23/10/08 14:48

The music is great, and I'm glad to see the site is working again. But we need everything updating.

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Matt from Strood at 23/10/06 14:32

Seems to be running a lot faster than it used to. Love the sounds, but we need more updates. Let us know what you've been up to! :)

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Annie from Gloucestershire at 16/03/06 20:12

Hi Bruce - Great site and venture you got going on, you must all be very proud. Keep on rockin' in the free world! Annie:)x

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julie from Essex at 10/02/06 16:23

Great music, great site, proud of ya !!!

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Jethro from Brazil at 03/01/06 17:40

This is a special place. The music is excellent, you mujst truely love it. And so do I.

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JOHN KERN from Banbury at 21/11/05 16:39

"As i've said before". (And i hadn't realized how close i was till today.)"Miss one erea to start another one". The very best of luck. (Does the bizz). Tizzal.

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Dan Cipriano from NYC at 18/11/05 16:01

Great site! If you ever need horns for your recordings please visit is a studio production service providing horn sections, horn arrangements, saxophone and flute solos over the web at amazing prices. Site provides full upload and download capabilities of audio files in all professional formats.

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malcolm pugh from bromsgrove at 07/11/05 11:03

im trying to buy some of the old reel to reels of yours on ebay. im aging too. i like the site. ill come back and listen to the music soon.
type "stiffsteiffs" into google to see my teddy bear adventures - far out man.
best of luck and health. malc.

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Sarah from Canada at 27/10/05 05:50

Site looks awesome, good stuff :)
Might sound odd, but, did you ever talk to anyone in Canada Joe? You look fermiler...but, I could be wrong.
Nice site/music though! Keep it up :)

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No Longer Broken from Chatham at 18/09/05 10:35

You need more options for the website design, this is amazing.
The music is beautiful. There are no other words to describe it.

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Anonymous at 09/09/05 15:06


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Susan Gallardo from Colorado at 09/05/05 05:07

its not rock n roll but its heavenly

Alex at 17/03/05 08:01

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Will from London at 21/01/05 13:40

This music sends shivers down my spine. All so good. Music, lyrics, voices.
Excellent, cant wait to hear more.

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From Jenny, Mike and Mickey from Kent, U.K at 19/01/05 22:01

Hi Hilary, Bruce, Asa, Bethany Joseph and Matthew!
Your site looks FAB!
Really Great recordings too :-)
I really did enjoyed the MP3's I heard.
Well done Hilary! You have such a beautiful voice.
Here's wishing you all the very best of everything,
Sending you all lots of love, and big kisses to Asa and Bethany xxx

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Hilary Ainge from Wiltshire UK at 08/10/04 16:55

Just thought i'd say hello to another " Hilary Ainge" lol!

Kitty Robbins from Alexandria, VA, USA at 04/09/04 22:03

What a cool site! Check us out also, at, the ultimate music artist development network and community on the Web. Formalize your approach to the music industry and drastically increase your chances of getting the right record deal!

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Nick from London-UK at 06/08/04 08:42

Dreamin' man, I'm dreamin'.
Wonderful stuff, what sounds.
Record Companies, look this way!!
This is what the industry needs.

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JAMES from N. IRELAND at 04/08/04 20:08

really cool music...agree, chart music especially is pure crap...and i have to play it at discos...
keep up the good work and good luck...from..shemmyboy

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Maria van V?gelei from Amsterdam at 27/04/04 16:44

I came across your music and thought it was really enlightening to hear such a good voice. Excellent lyrics !!

I am glad that people like you are out there to have the ability to make people like me happy with your music. Well done and I would love to come to a show of yours.

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MAC from DARLINGTON at 19/04/04 22:03

Great music for grown-ups at last!
Fantastic productions!
I've managed to get hold of your last two albums - good stuff!
Please send me your latest recordings
All the best!

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Vanessa from New York at 16/04/04 15:41

Excellent melodies, lyrics and arrangements. You guys will be snapped up soon. No doubt!!

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Jasper from Kent at 03/04/04 23:47

The sounds are a sumptious feast. You guys rock!

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